Herd Health

**PLEASE NOTE: As of Dec 1st 2018, you will need a veterinary prescription to get any antibiotics for your herd. Please call the clinic and set up a consultation farm call (due once yearly) to be able to access these, sometimes, life savings drugs for your animals.**


Herd Health – Telemedicine – Set up a VPCR – a Veterinary-Patient-Client-Relationship – with our veterinary clinic to be able to set up a health plan – vaccines, fecal egg counts, parasite control, mineral/nutritional advice.  And also to be prepared with an on farm emergency kit which may include antibiotics, anti inflammatories for pain and medications for lambing/calving issues.

Surgery – routine castrations, growth removal, dentistry, dehorning, microchip insertion.

We also treat Pigs, Cattle, Chickens, Alpacas and Llamas.