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Low Income Spay Neuter for Cats


For application forms please email: saltspring@spca.bc.ca or call the shelter at 250 537 2123

Thursday, July 25, 2024
Thursday, Aug 29, 2024

Residential requirements:

This program is open to those who live on Salt Spring Island only.

Financial Requirements for LOW INCOME program:

This program is aimed at those who live below the Low Income Cut Offs (LICOs) as set by Statistics Canada. The qualifying pre-tax household income levels are as follows:

If your total pretax household income falls within these numbers we could fix your cat(s) and we would hate for you to miss this opportunity! 

LICO table 2023

The following table shows LICO for 2023*. As you see, the LICO changes based on the household number.

Size of Family Unit – 12 Months

  • one person – $27,514
  • two persons – $34,254
  • three persons – $42,110
  • four persons – $51,128
  • five persons – $57,988
  • six persons – $65,400
  • seven persons – $72,814

If more than seven persons, for each additional person, add $7,412.

If your entire household income from all sources, including such non-taxable income as child support, veterans’ benefits, etc., is not more than these levels then you are qualified to have your cat or kitten spayed or neutered with this program:

$140 neuter – $200 cat spay including pain meds, cone, and microchip – with lifetime registry.

You will need to provide proof of your income from all sources. You may submit photos or photocopies of your documents.

Please be sure to complete all required information on the application form. We will not process incomplete applications.

Financial Requirements for LOW COST Program:


In an attempt to better help low income pet owners in our community, we are experimenting with adding a second tier to our assisted spay/neuter program.

At this time we are accepting applications for our NEW LOW COST program. The income cut-offs for this program are the LICOs we use for the low-income program plus 50%. For instance, if you are a single person and your income is over $27,514.00 but does not exceed $44,271.00  (50% over the low-cost cut-off), you will qualify for the low-income program. For a family of four, the figure would be $51,128.00 plus $25,564.00 for a maximum of $76,692.00.

If you fall within these guidelines, the cost of the service is:

$238 for neuter and $298  for spay including pain meds, cone, and microchip – with lifetime registry.

Once approved, payment may be made by cash or e-transfer. All payments are due by time of service, no exceptions. If your cat is unable to be spayed for medical reasons deemed by the vet, your monies will be refunded.

Pet Information:

These programs apply to cats and kittens only. Kittens must be over 1.8 kilograms or 4 pounds in weight (which they won’t be until they are at least 12 weeks old).

We cannot spay or neuter sick animals.

We will spay cats which are in heat and those which are in early stage  pregnancy and we strongly recommend doing so. If you think your cat might be pregnant please say so on your application and we will try to get her in on the earliest possible surgery date. For late stage pregnancy, we will try to assist to the best of our abilities.

If cats have fleas – we will treat with a topical medication.

All cats must be in clean carriers, one for each cat. We will have some carriers available to lend to those who are not able to get one any other way.

Before and after surgery:

The Monday before surgery day the doctor will need to call you – between 4 and 6 PM –  and go over informed consent for the anesthesia and surgical procedure and to be able to prescribe the presurgical medications. Please make sure that you connect with the Doctor otherwise your cat will not be eligible for surgery. There will be presurgical medications dispensed – please pick these up before the Thursday surgery day.

The night before:  Make sure your cat is inside the night before her surgery day.

Adult cats must not eat after midnight, they may have water. Cats which have eaten before surgery will be sent home, due to the risk of choking. Small kittens can have a small meal 4 hours before surgery and water overnight. It is ok to give a tiny bit of food to get the presurgical medications into your cat on the morning of surgery.

Surgery Day:

Be prepared for an early start in the morning. All cats must be at the clinic by 830 AM. Cats which are late will be sent home and will go to the bottom of our list. If you are going to have a transportation problem please let us know so we can help solve the problem.

After surgery: Please ask for care instructions when you pick up your cat. If problems develop please call the clinic or chat us on our app. Please use the cone and also administer the pain medications as dispensed by the doctor.